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  Nodule de la base du nez chez un petit Tchadien de 4 mois   Nodule at the base of the nose of a 4 months old tchadian boy  
  Resection chirurgicale   Surgical excision  

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"Gliome nasal" (Tissu glial hétérotopique)


Proposed diagnosis









"Nasal glioma" (Heterotopic glial tissue)



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Neurogenous and related tumors and tumorlike conditions (In Ackerman's Surgical PAthology 7ed. Chap. Respiratory Tract)

Encephaloceles and glial heterotopias (commonly called nasal gliomas) are related malformational tumorlike conditions usually affecting newborns and older infants. They may present as subcutaneous masses at the base of the nose or as intranasal polyps. Microscopically, they are composed of mature glial tissue, with occasional multinucleated glial cells that may simulate neurons. Immunohistochemically, there is reactivity for both S-100 protein and glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP).In some cases a true neuronal component is also present.Associated bony defects are the rule with the encephaloceles, but they are unusual with the glial heterotopias, a feature to be evaluated at the time of removal.