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5th. Summer School of Myology - Class 2002

Pathology Workshop


In Paris, June 2002 took place the 5th Summer School of Myology, at the Institut de Myologie, Hpital Piti-Lasalptrire, with the support of the French Association against the Myopathies (AFM).

The program was prepared and directed by Prs. M Fardeau, JA Urtizberea and the whole team of the Institut.

Attendants, neurologists and pathologists, 35 persons came from all over the world.

The subjects covered the clinical, pathological, experimental, therapeutic and genetical recent features of muscle diseases. The speakers were known and eminent expert colleagues from France and various countries. Their expertise in the research fields was demonstrated in the different aspects of the ever progressing knowledge of the muscle diseases they presented, and discussed.

The 10 days program included pathology workshops (2), that I will try to illustrate thru the cases I have collected with the help of Pr. Norma  ROMERO   from the Inserm U.523 that "easily" introduced us to the pathological features of the diseases. I hope that my representations will be of help to the pathologists newcomers to the knowledge of the diseases of the muscle, that some are infrequent.

Dr. Gérard Abadjian


Pathology workshop (1)

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