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  Femme de 41 ans, tumeur de la base du crane.  

41 yo female, tumour of the base of the skull.

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  Bleu Alcian   Alcian blue  
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Diagnostic proposé:









Méningiome microkystique (méningiome "humide" de Masson)


Proposed diagnosis:









Microcystic méningioma


References: Ackerman's Surgical Pathology (7Ed.)

  The microcystic meningioma is named for its content of variably sized intercellular vacuoles, these often appearing empty but in some instances containing a lightly PAS-positive fluid derived in all likelihood via the transudation of plasma across the neoplasm's characteristically rich, and frequently hyalinized, stromal vasculature. Some examples actually progress to the formation of macrocysts and harbor only minor solid components. The tumor's constituent cells may exhibit cytoplasmic clearing because of glycogen or lipid accumulation and often assume spindly or stellate profiles that, along with their tendency to disaggregation, can prompt consideration of a low-grade, microcystic astrocytoma in the differential diagnosis. Nuclear pleomorphism, karyomegaly, and a smudgy hyperchromasia may be in evidence but are unattended by mitotic activity and are divorced from any sinister prognostic import.  
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