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Lésion vaginale, femme de 37 ans.

Resection chirurgicale.


Vaginal lesion, in a 37 yo female.

Surgical excision.


Diagnostic proposé








Polype fibroépithélial


Proposed diagnosis








Fibroepithelial polyp

  Arguments   Clues  

Vagina: Mesenchymal tumors and tumorlike conditions

(Rosai and Ackerman's Surgical Pathology, 10th Edition)


Fibroepithelial polyps may be seen in adult women (especially during pregnancy) or in neonates.[ are probably not true neoplasms but rather manifestations of hormone-induced localized hyperplasia of the loose subepithelial connective tissue zone; others may represent the end stage of granulation tissue.

  Microscopically, they are formed of a central fibrovascular core and a covering of normal-appearing squamous epithelium. Sometimes the stroma is markedly edematous, in other instances it is hypercellular and/or contains scattered highly atypical stromal cells of stellate shape. These stromal cells are immunoreactive for vimentin, desmin, and steroid receptors but usually not for actin.   

The clinical appearance, nuclear atypia, and desmin immunoreactivity may lead to a mistaken diagnosis of botryoid rhabdomyosarcoma or other types of malignant tumor. The slow pace of growth at the clinical level and the fact that a cambium layer, epithelial invasion, and cross striations are absent are among the distinguishing features.