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Présentation Clinique


Clinical Setting

F 84 ans Lésion kératosique de la lèvre inférieure

F 84 yo Scaly, burning lesion of the lower lip

Diagnostic Proposé:









Cheilite actinique lichénoide, acantholytique

Proposed Diagnosis:









Actinic cheilitis, lichenoid, acantholytic.



  • Oral lesions (chronic actinic cheilitis) tend to affect the middle of the lower lip and present as burning or painful scaly lesions.
  • Metastases, however, are rare except for those arising on the ear and lip, which are often associated with more aggressive behavior
  • Sometimes actinic keratoses are atrophic and occasionally, due to marked acantholysis, an acantholytic or pseudoglandular pattern results, which may show a marked resemblance to lesions of Darier's disease (acantholytic actinic keratoses).
  • The dermis underlying and adjacent to the keratosis often shows solar elastosis and vascular ectasia. A lymphohistiocytic infiltrate is commonly evident and sometimes this is associated with the features of an interface dermatitis including basal cell liquefactive degeneration and apoptosis (lichenoid actinic keratosis).


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(Ref. Pathology of the skin, PH McKee, 3rd Ed. Elsevier-Mosby)